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We are a small, Manhattan-based therapy practice founded by senior clinical psychologist Dr. Sam Klugman. Dr. Klugman and his staff provide individual and couples psychotherapy for adults struggling with emotional distress, relationship and family issues, identity and self-esteem concerns, and significant life transitions (e.g., illness, separation, loss).


Many people seek therapy because they feel stuck, distressed, or confused, and their usual methods of coping are overwhelmed. We provide a collaborative and safe environment in which you can feel heard and supported while developing new ways of understanding and working through difficulties. 

Please feel free to browse this site to learn more about us and the services we offer. We can also be reached directly with any questions you may have.

We offer therapy in New York City and throughout New York state. Dr. Klugman is also licensed in New Jersey and as an out of state telehealth provider in Florida. Sessions are available both in-person and via a secure telehealth platform. Please contact us to inquire about setting up an initial consultation. 

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